Our Story


Here at TuffAnt we love our Disco, we love to get outdoors and amongst it.  But sadly, like most owners have found, a distinct lack of suitable 19" tyres have left us wanting more.  A wheel and tyre combination to match the amazing technical ability of the Disco in all the tough off road conditions we care to throw at it.  From firsthand experience, we have felt the short comings of the tyre choice when the going gets tough and we ask the most from our tyres.


The tyre choices in 18” are vastly improved but if you wanted to go to an 18" wheel you were left with very few legal options, .The existing options are expensive and often hard to get. You could go to 20" but again, little choice is readily available for a high-quality, LT rated tyre to tackle those big challenges.


​Whilst alloys may look the part, they have their drawbacks.  Apart from the initial expense, they are soft by nature, scratch, gouge and damage all too easily, especially on any serious off road trails.  Additionally, the alloys available are rated generally at less than 1000kg and that inhibits their use on off road caravans and camper trailers.  That in turn means carrying 2 different spare wheels when towing.  Having experienced this, we thought there had to be a better way.  The solution was a properly engineered and legal 18" steel rim that would suit late model Discovery 4’s and LR4’s that would not break the bank or require any vehicle modifications.  Of course the wheels  also fit the D3 as well as some Range Rover Sport Models (See Fitment page). A new Discovery 5 (MY18) model is arriving soon into stock


We designed a wheel specifically for that purpose.  TuffAnt 18's are a steel 18 x 8 wheel for Land Rover Discovery 3, 4, and 5 (Discovery 5 suitable for MY18 arriving soon). The wheel was designed with wheel engineers both in Australia and at the factory in China and passes all required tests for strength, fatigue, and cornering.

To ensure you get the very best, TuffAnt 18's are fabricated from high strength steel, which is then machine pressed, machine welded plus painted then powdercoated in black to provide a wheel that is rated at 1000kg each. 

Team TuffAnt 2020